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Student Success Stories...

Kristina & Justin Kristina & Justin

Have amassed 25 rental properties and now own a property management company that handles over 100 properties. The attribute their success to the Education, Community, Desire and Action.

Hugh & Team Hugh & Team

"I didn't even want to do the deal because of the time frame. However, Ro was in my office & said she liked the deal. So, I decided to work the weekend. Now, we have the potential to turn 400k into $2.4 Million."

Loretta Loretta

After 1 exposure to the Education and experiencing the community of investors that has been created in Chicago, the couple enrolled and completed their first Fix & Flip, "start to close" in just four months of taking their first class.

Matt Matt

Collects 32 rent checks every month. Matt focused on raising private capital and was able to turn his own investing education into an opportunity to educate others on how they could utilize their retirement funds more effectively by joint venturing with him.

Stephanie Stephanie

"I had absolutely no experience with real estate before I attended the college. Today I have an expertise that will take care of me for the rest of my life..."

Christopher Christopher

Made $67,000 on his first Fix & Flip and FIRED his boss 1 year after joining us.

Anthony & Mike Anthony & Mike

Earned a net profit of $63,455.97 in 3 months on their first deal. "The community here is an UNBELIEVABLE resource to getting our deals done. Money, contractors, lawyers, you name it. It's here."

Jeannine, Maggie, Stephanie Jeannine, Maggie, Stephanie

Completed 265 transactions in 4 years after taking Classes at the College. "What we do today WOULD NOT be possible if we hadn't started with the education we got from the college..."

Mark Mark

"My realtor training taught me how to sell a house... here's the kitchen, here's the bedroom... this college taught me how to construct deals and control the amount of money made rather than a small regulated commission.

John John

Looked to Real Estate as a way to gain his own financial freedom. Focuses on Lease-Options and earned a total overall 2 year profit of $67,500.